SafeGuarding Public Health
SafeGuarding Public Health
HPM Systems

About us

H.P.M Systems Pest Control (PTY) LTD is a pest control company that uses environmentally safe products and methods to control or eradicate nuisance pests in a given environment. H.P.M Systems specialises on Stored Product and Structural Pest problems such as Subterranean Termite; Harvester Termite; German, American and Oriental Cockroach; Roof and Norway Rat; House and Field Mouse; Weevils; Beetles; Vector Mosquito; Feral Cat Trapping, Bird and Bat Eviction, Bee and wasp control, Fly control e.t.c

Our service approach to control of pests introduces less chemicals into the environment making it safe for both humans and animals. We make use of proven nonchemical methods to reduce pest population and where necessary we only make use of certified, environmentally safe products.

Areas of work include: Grain Storage Facilities, Warehouses, Silos, Hospitals, Schools, Animal Health Facilities, Butcheries, Residential Buildings, Office and Shop Buildings, Malls, Mines, Retail Outlets, Restaurants, Aircrafts, Buses, Trains, Food Processing Plants, Grain Transporter Trucks and Trailers, Shipping Containers (issuing certificate of fumigation for exports), Grain Processing Plants, Pre-Construction and Post-Construction termite control (issuing treatment certificates with 5 to 10 year guarantee) etc.

Our company is 100% female, locally owned with a youthful and result oriented staff with a shared experience of more than 15 years.